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    1-800-PestControl is an association of independent local pest control providers dedicated to the highest quality standards. To ensure the association's quality standards. We limit ourselves to one member per market. Integrity, reputation, and service standards are evaluated by 1-800-PestControl to select only the highest quality dealers. Dealers who are not meeting these high standards are subject to termination by an operator's board of their peers from other markets.
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    We are pleased to inform you that SIX Assembly members have co-sponsored an amendment to the extremely restrictive ordinance passed last summer. AO 2005-38 seeks to address the serious cost to customers and providers of applying the notification requirements of ornamental spraying to ALL Exterior pesticide spraying. If passed, it will require o­nly that a notice be placed o­n your property at the time of service, and left in place for 48 hours. No additional cost ($50-100) for making two trips to your property and no spreading your personal business all across the neighborhood. While we are not anticipating relief to our hundreds of tree spraying customers, we are hopeful that this exception will prove well for the rest of you who need protection from Ants, Spiders, Clover Mites, Root Weevils and similar exterior invaders.